Pro’s Select Collegiate Clinic – January 9-10, 2016

2bcd70_256x97If you are looking for a chance to interact with college coaches and pro scouts, then the Pro’s Select Collegiate Clinic is the opportunity for you. The Pro’s Select Collegiate Clinic, while instructional in nature, is designed to not only improve the skill level of each player, but also provide the unique opportunity to informally talk with coaches and pro scouts to better understand what is necessary to continue playing after high school. Clinic enrollment is capped at 8 teams, when those teams are full, enrollment will stop. With a cap on the enrollment, players will be seen, have interaction with college coaches and possibly recruited because of their extended exposure. The last clinic saw 11 players earn college scholarships and we fully expect more after this camp.

We will provide a professional atmosphere to learn about collegiate and professional baseball. 16 College coaches who are the Head Coach, recruiting coordinator, a position specific coach or all of the above will instruct, give recruiting and scouting information, and communicate with the players during the clinic. Professional scouts will be on hand to provide information about professional baseball. All in all, it’s a very good setting for the baseball player who wants exposure, information and skill improvement.

I have been a coach in the SEC, a Head Coach at the Community College level and I have had the great fortune to be in professional baseball as a scout since 1997. I understand what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of collegiate and professional baseball. I have assembled a terrific staff in a setting that is conducive to player/coach interaction for instruction, familiarity, and positive rewards. If a baseball player wants to go to a baseball clinic/camp to get ready for the spring season, or to get exposure, he will find no better setting than what I’ve put together.

John Cedarburg
Pro’s Select Collegiate Clinic.

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2015 Collegiate Clinic (2016 form avail soon)

Pro's BP w coaches, UM, FSC, FGCU Pro's C- Loveland-U No FL Pro's Coaches bearing down Pro's IF- Peter-High Point Pro's OF-DiMare, Cilento, K Brown Pro's St. Leo n C Barr Pro's staff